Chairman’s  Statement






We believe in the phrase, "think like an outsider, execute like a pro."

We also believe that optimism is a true competitive advantage.

To solve problems, we think like an outsider, generating new insights and breakthrough ideas.

To bring dreams into reality, we execute like a professional, delivering concrete results.


Internationalization, style, refined taste and social responsibility are Couttsart (CAIH) corporate genes. No matter how the market changes, with the spirit of “ Modern China, Global Version”, building up an international art spread company based in China is our will, power and dream that have never changed. To this end, in the process of practice, through continuous innovation and exploration, the form can also be eclectic and constantly transformed from print products to digital products, and then to the space platform. We also constantly endow new spirit of the time and cultural and creative connotations. On the other hand, organizational structure can be constantly adjusted and developed.


What is the most valuable in the future is the platform enterprise, and the post-Internet era has arrived. The platform economy will be a new trend in the future. We must actively embrace the new business opportunities.



We must have the courage and ability to create new business. Constantly trying to create a different business and making my lives and employees’ lives different are my expectation for myself and Couttsart (CAIH). This is also why both I and Couttsart (CAIH) are young and energetic.


Three levels of Couttsart (CAIH) corporate growth


层次一 延续及巩固核心业务

层次二 建立新业务

层次三 创造未来的业务机会

Level 1 continuation and consolidation of core business

Level 2 establishment of new business

Level 3 creation of future business opportunities


这个就是所谓的战略眼光,也就是“吃着碗里 看着锅里想着田里。”

This is the so-called strategic vision “I am eating with a bowl, looking at the pot and thinking about the field”


2020年起是一个,转型时代,这就要求 库茨艺术(文纨艺术文化)必须形成不断求新求变的意识和习惯。不断推陈出新,保持新鲜感紧贴时代潮流,而非时尚潮流。正如现代管理学之父德鲁克所说:“一家企业的业务必须和时代一起发展,打上时代的印记。只有这样经历时代的洗礼,与社会有共鸣,才有意义。


From 2020 an particular era requires us to form the consciousness and habit of constantly seeking new changes. Couttsart (CAIH) need to constantly innovate, keeping a fresh sense of the era, not a fashion trend. As Drucker, the father of modern management, said: “The business of a company must develop with the era and bear the imprint of the era. Only by experiencing the baptism of the era and resonating with society can it make sense.“


We believe......
Optimism is a competitive advantage



Art director:Susan
Office address: NO.115, Xujiahui garden, Xuhui District, Shanghai